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Luxury Travel

With a discerning eye for luxury, Mikayla specializes in capturing the essence of the world's most prestigious hotels. With clients including One&Only,  Belmond, Swire Group's Upper House, and the iconic Mercer NYC, Her photography elevates and captures the true essence and sophistication of Luxury Travel.


The Ambience

It's about capturing the charachter of the hotel. Mikayla's lens captures the unique style, lighting, and overall feel, whisking viewers into a world of luxury and comfort.


The Attention to Detail

From the finest architectural designs to the thoughtful amenities, every detail counts in creating a visual story line of an exceptional guest experience.


Your Experience

Beyond just showing the hotel, Mikayla wants to tell a story. By capturing organic moments of guests enjoying the facilities, dining experiences, or exploring local culture, Her lens is enticing and encourages potential guests to imagine their own unique stay at your property.

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